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Kim, In Song (2018). "LobbyView: Firm-level Lobbying & Congressional Bills Database." Working paper available from http://web.mit.edu/insong/www/pdf/lobbyview.pdf.   

LobbyView supports an extensive search functionality. Users can search the entire database by various parameters such as interest group name and their standardized identifier, e.g., Compustat's GVKey, Bureau van Dijk ID, and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.

Our API enables researchers and journalists to bulk download our data for their further research using more advanced and multi-faceted parameters than the main search page.


Network Analysis

We investigate political networks by combining the politicians who sponsor congressional bills with the firms in the industry that lobby on those bills. We weight the measure by the lobbying expenses reported in each report.

Please see further details in Kim, In Song and Dmitriy Kunisky (2018). "Mapping Political Communities: A Statistical Analysis of Lobbying Networks in Legislative Politics."


Content Analysis

Textual data have become increasingly important in social science research. LobbyView provides various tools to systemically gather, visualize, and analyze text data related to lobbying by special interest groups.


Core Team

The LobbyView team is a group of researchers with the goal of informing the academic world about lobbying data and investigating political networks in legislative politics.

In Song Kim

Principal Investigator,

Associate Professor at MIT

Remi Cura

PhD, Project Management,

Database, Machine Learning

John Gallagher

Project Management, Backend

Sydney Strzempko

API, Visualizations,

Frontend & Backend

Lexi Walker

UI/UX Design & Programming


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